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Stainless steel /INOX/
Round - diameters        
NNameDiameter [mm]Width [mm]Lenght [mm] Weight [kg/m] Quality Finish Picture
1INOX301,0058000,728AISI 304MAT 
2INOX351,2058001,056AISI 304MAT 
3INOX401,2058001,166AISI 304MAT 
4INOX351,2058001,056AISI 441MAT 
5INOX401,2058001,166AISI 441MAT 
6INOX451,5060001,620AISI 441MAT 
7INOX651,2060001,907AISI 441MAT 
Rectengular and square        
8INOX20x402,0060001,884AISI 430MAT 
9INOX30x401,5060001,648AISI 430MAT 
10INOX40x602,0060003,14AISI 430MAT 
 Slitted coils        
 11 INOX 1,000114     
 12 INOX 1,200120     
 13 INOX 1,200120      

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